Can Whole House Humidifiers Create Mold?

Humidity is an essential part of a comfortable home, but too much of it can cause problems. Whole house humidifiers are a great way to regulate the humidity in your home, but can they create mold? The answer is yes, but only if they are not properly monitored and maintained. An unregulated humidifier can raise the indoor humidity level to an unhealthy amount and cause mold to form. This is why it is important to monitor the humidity levels in your home and make sure that your humidifier is working properly.

If you are diligent about monitoring and maintaining your humidifier, you should have no problems with mold. The misconception that whole house humidifiers cause mold has been around for some time, but the industry is doing its best to dispel this rumor and promote the benefits of humidification throughout the house. Even under ideal conditions, a whole-house humidifier can cause problems if it is not properly monitored and maintained. Contractors may be hesitant to offer humidifiers because of the fear of mold growth after construction is complete.

However, modern whole-house humidifiers have sensors that detect the temperature and humidity in the house and automatically activate or deactivate the humidifier as needed. This helps to ensure that the humidity levels in your home remain at a healthy level. It is also important to change the evaporator pad every year, preferably before using the whole-house humidifier at the start of the cold season. This will help to keep your humidifier running smoothly and prevent any potential problems with mold.

The main problem with whole-house humidifiers is that they can expel an excessive amount of moisture when the temperature drops (especially below 10 degrees). On all whole-house humidifiers, the owner's manual states that if you use them in manual mode, you should expect a decrease in indoor humidity if the outside temperature drops. In conclusion, whole house humidifiers can create mold if they are not properly monitored and maintained. However, with proper monitoring and maintenance, you should have no problems with mold growth in your home.

The health and household benefits of having a humidifier installed far outweigh the possibility of mold growth.

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