Can Humidifiers Cause Mold Growth?

Humidifiers are a great way to add moisture to the air in your home, but if not cleaned regularly, they can cause mold to grow inside the water tank. High humidity levels in a room can also cause mold to spread quickly. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent this from happening. Mold blooms in a high humidity environment and will begin to spread over porous objects like walls, ceilings, windows, window sills, bathrooms, doors and wooden furniture.

Humidifiers don't cause mold on walls by themselves, but they can contribute to it if the humidity level is too high. An uncleaned humidifier can quickly become the home of mold and spread germs and spores throughout the house. To prevent this from happening, it's important to clean your humidifier regularly. Almost all humidifier manufacturers recommend thorough cleaning every week or at least once a month.

If you're worried that your humidifier might form mold, you can add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide to the tank. This is a natural disinfectant that will safely clean the humidifier while it works and prevent mold from forming. If you have mold in your humidifier or think you might do it, you should have your home tested for mold. When planning to clean humidifiers, always consult the owner's manual for instructions and also recommended cleaning or disinfectant products.

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